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Snake River Research

A Broad Range of Expertise in Infectious Disease and Clinical Trials


Snake River Research is dedicated to leading-edge clinical research and development of novel therapies for the most challenging diseases of our time. At Snake River, we're driven to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious illnesses through state-of-the-art research and drug trials. Snake River's groundbreaking treatments have been published in leading medical journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine. A pioneer in West Nile Virus research, Snake River has completed or in-progress vaccine studies for staph aureus, West Nile virus, meningitis, and RSV. At present, we've set our sights on C diff, influenza, and childhood meningitis. We are making exciting progress in developing new treatments and vaccines.



Making a Positive Impact on Global Health


It can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world: infection strikes. At Snake River Research, our ongoing studies investigate how microbes interact with humans to cause illness. Microbes are capable of rapid genetic mutation, and many evolve into new strains resistant to current therapies. We work to discover breakthroughs to protect the population from infectious diseases, both locally and globally.


Superior Patient Care

Our investigators are making tremendous progress in evaluating the usefulness of current vaccines and other compounds for preventing infections. We strive to develop new therapies for the most devastating diseases so that our patients can live full, productive lives.

Why you should choose us

We offer the most Clinical Trial options for COVID-19, Cdiff, and Staph aureus infections

If you click the ‘our studies’ at the top of the main page, it puts you on some different studies.


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